The Project

The goal: providing Physical Education lessons, based on Life Skills, to as many students as possible from underpriviledged areas in Cape Town for at least once a week.

Physical Education is very important for the development of a child.
Physcial exercise is good for your health, physical exercise stimulates social interaction, physical exercise enhances personal development and most importantly, physical exercise is a lot of fun.

Every day a lot of students from underpriviledged areas in Cape Town have to deal with crime, poverty and other problems. Physical Education is a tool to help those students in a preventive way. Learning Life Skills is the main purpose in the Physical Educations lessons. Teamwork, communication, trust, setting goals and being patient are some examples of what we teach them every week on the field.

Grassy Park High School is the first school where Movement in Cape Town started in 2011. Grassy Park High School is a Secondary school in the Grassy Park quarter in Kaapstad. The school has about 900 students, who are being taught 5 days per week. English, African, Maths and History are some examples of the different subjects that are being taught at the school. Unfortunately Physical Education (PE) is currently not part of the education programme for the students. PE is not compulsary in South Africa and schools are not given any funding for PE teachers. Grassy Park High School doesn’t have a lot of money and is therefore not in the position to pay for a PE teacher.

To provide all those Physical Education lessens we do have an amazing team. Movement in Cape Town team does have fantastic young South Africans who didn’t get a chance to go to the university after their highschool. They started an internship at Movement in Cape Town and after that they will get a job at a high school to teach there Physical Education. Movement in Cape Town does have another team who is teaching those new teachers. Hannah Overgaauw educate together with students from the universities in the Netherlands those young South Africans. In the timeframe of a year they receive as many knowledge as possible to teach those children PE.

With your help we can make sure that it’s going to be normal to get Physical Education at school in Cape Town. If you believe as much in the project as we do, we will be able to make this goal real.
All the money you donate goes directly to the teachers who will make sure that hundreds of children receive Physical Education and leave the sportfield with a smile every week.